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Indemnity Only Insurance

What is Indemnity Only Insurance?

Indemnity Only Insurance is medical malpractice insurance that only pays the claim, either by settlement or judgment, and does not pay any legal fees towards defense of the claim. Doctors who purchase Indemnity Only insurance are required to provide their own legal defense counsel.

Indemnity Only insurance is accepted by all states, hospitals and medical groups. This is because Indemnity Only Insurance is standard malpractice insurance. It is sold by A-rated carriers that are financially secured by A-rated re-insurance.  Full financial details are disclosed when a quote is obtained. 

Most importantly, Indemnity Only Insurance is significantly less expensive than standard policies. For most specialties, the price is 50% less, or more. By stripping out the legal expense exposure, the company is able to save significantly by not being required to defend claims. Furthermore, the doctor is required to hire their own lawyer. This ensures that the lawyer is loyal to the doctor client, and not the insurance carrier. 

Pre-Paid Legal Defense

Since doctors who purchase Indemnity Only Insurance must hire their own defense attorneys, Pre-Paid Legal Defense is the perfect solution. The combination of Indemnity Only Insurance and Pre-Paid Legal Defense is still less than most insurance policies and offers significant advantages to the doctors that insurance alone cannot provide. 

Please Contact Us if you are interested in a price quote for Indemnity Only Insurance.  Lubell Rosen has a business relationship with Chateau Insurance Agency, who will provide competitive quotes.